Repeat Returns

Why it works

Ordinary marketing trains customers to wait for deals and spend less. Adaptive marketing does just the opposite. It adapts to each customer’s personal habits to trigger additional orders and higher tickets.

It knows who orders online, by phone, in-store, what time, what day, and how much they'll spend.

Here's 5 reasons why adaptive marketing is the faster, smarter way to build your restaurant sales...

1. Customer Conversion

5 out of 7 first-time customers never return without some form of follow-up. The sooner you get a first-timer back, the more likely they are to become a regular customer.

Our platform puts new guests on a conversion path to get them back quickly and build the new “habit” of ordering from you.

2. Buying Cycle

People are creatures of habit. They don’t buy when you feel like advertising. They buy when the timing is right for them.

That’s why our platform adapts to each customer’s buying cycle to bring you top-of-mind at exactly the right time to drive additional orders.

FACT: A twice a month customer making just one more visit a month - is a 50% increase.

Being top of mind when customers are ready to spend builds a base of high-profit repeaters.

3. Wallet-Share

Discounts drive invisible loses.

Example: Bob spends $25 when he’s hungry. Sally spends $15.

So, a $20 "offer" has Bob spending $5 less than he would have. And Sally doesn't order because you’re $5 too high for her. So, you end up with $20 instead of $40.

Adaptive marketing sends a $25 offer to Bob and a $15 deal to Sally.

Now you have $40 in your pocket instead of $20. With thousands of customers, this is transformative.

Adaptive marketing maximizes each customer's wallet-share.

4. Spending Potential

But it gets even better because most customers keep ordering the same thing out of habit.

So, once our platform has established each customer's baseline wallet-share, we challenge that habit by giving them reasons to explore your menu and spend more.


This client saw 673 customers

spend an additional $3.12 per order for a total spend-bump of $2,100.19 on a single promotion.

People spend more - if you let them.

5. Lifetime Value

How many customers did you lose last month? Last year?

Fact is, a typical restaurant will experience around 18% customer turnover each year. Yet, most, do nothing about it. And the longer a customer stays away, the less likely you are to ever see them again.

Since adaptive marketing continually studies each customer’s activity, we also detect inactivity.

Our platform identifies when a customer is starting to lapse and re-engages them before they disappear for good.

FACT: An average restaurant sees over $30,000 a year in recaptured revenue and many of our high-volume restaurant clients see upwards of $100,000+ a year in recaptured revenue--from Smart Retention alone.

Pizzeria on our program since 2011.

Pizzeria on our program since 2011.

For most clients, our retention feature alone, pays for the platform 10X over.

What now?

You know in your gut that adaptive marketing makes sense. Humans simply cannot do in days, what artificial intelligence can do in seconds.

So, here's everything you need combined into a single, unified platform powered by customer data—with a single mission: Deliver a personal experience to each customer and ridiculous next-level profits to you every day.


Since we build a custom program for each client, there is no fixed answer. But most of our clients are in at about $10 a day (less than the cost of one employee for one hour). Some a little more, some a little less.

NEW: Our "start-low while you grow" COVID-19 pricing can get you moving for as little as $50/mo.

How does it work?

We get customer transaction data one of three ways:

  • POS integration

  • POS nightly reports

  • Any internet enabled device

What do I need to do?

Two simple things.

  1. Enroll customers in your loyalty program (included in our platform).

  1. Give them their points when they order (this is automated in most POS integrations).

That's it. Done.

Our platform has been powering high-volume pizzerias and restaurants with adaptive marketing since 2008.

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