SMART Offers - Now Available on Your Clover POS

More traffic. Higher profits.

Zero additional work.

Introducing the end of profit-killing, discounts.

SMART Offers adapt to each customer's wallet-share, converting average spenders into high-profit repeaters.

"The ROI is obscene!"

Monty LockyearPresident—Smash Park Entertainment Group

"I don't know 'how' they work... I just know that they DO.

We see tickets pop by 24%... sometimes as high as 38%

when SMART Offers go out."

Why SMART Offers?

Because the math on discounts just doesn't add up.


Ordinary Discounts

  • Over-discount your big spenders
  • Condition customers to spend less
  • Train customers to wait for deals


SMART Offers

  • Eliminate unnecessary discounts
  • Adapt to individual guest wallet-share
  • Incentivize customers to spend more

All-in-one. Done.

86 the needless discounts. Stack up new profits.

Here's how it works...

Free marketing fuel

Enroll customers as they order on your Clover POS. It's quick and easy.

With each order you ring up, our AI engine studies customer spending patterns and then begins working its magic.

Auto-pilot profits

Your marketing goes on auto-pilot. As our platform establishes each customer's baseline wallet-share, SMART Offers challenge that habit by giving them reasons to explore your menu and spend more.

Results are transformative.

Zero work - more freedom

No extra work. Period. Redeem offers during checkout.

And don't worry: Only "available" offers appear on the checkout screen - so there's never any mistakes.

And of Course, No Contracts

If we don't amaze you, we insist you cancel

No contracts. No obligation. No catches.


Please contact us to get started or learn more.


Please contact us to get started or learn more.


Download the SMART Offer app from Clover.

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