No Matter What Kind of Restaurant You Run… 
This Powerful, 7-Week e-Course...

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From: Kamron Karington

The nice folks above paid $1,997 each, to attend a three-day marketing boot-camp with yours truly here in Las Vegas.

FYI: The guy in the cap right under the pizza slice, went on to trounce the highest-volume Domino's in the world.

Anyway, you're about to get the meat of it... for free.

In the next 7 weeks you will learn how to:

  1. Increase your average ticket (today, and I mean right now). Includes video & quick-start guide
  2. Drive unbelievable traffic (this bold move blind-sided competitors and doubled my sales in 30 days)
  3. Attract NEW customers on auto-pilot (controversial to many, but crazy-effective). Includes case study
  4. Convert MORE first-timers into steady regulars (this will easily DOUBLE your return rate)
  5. Boost profits up to 25% with a single (imperceptible) adjustment. Includes calculator
  6. Eliminate clueless competitors and create a trade-area monopoly (this will be the most challenging lesson)
  7. Accelerate your growth (or reignite a flat-lined business). You’ll’ see results within weeks  

So... if you'd like to learn how I increased my own pizzeria sales from $12,000 a month to $149,000 a month in just three years...   join me over the next 7 weeks...'s all free of course. No obligation whatsoever.


The sad story of how this course came to be...

(reading this is completely optional)...

His name was Paul...

...he wandered in one day, asking to meet me.

Turns out he owned a pizzeria down the road and he was going out of business... tonight, he was closing... for good.

He was throwing in the towel... "because of me," he said...

...that he'd experienced a sharp drop-off in sales ever since I arrived on the scene.

I was feeling awkward.

The weird thing was... he was sporting a big friendly, and very sincere smile during this whole time.

He said he admired what I'd done and wished he "knew half what I knew about marketing."

He shook my hand and invited me to stop by his shop that night... "maybe there'd be some equipment or supplies I could use."

He was selling'em cheap...

That evening I visited Paul, his wife, and their young children...

Their shop was cute. Nice attention to detail. You could tell they were proud of it.

You could tell the children loved helping out in the family business.

They were friendly and kind to me.

I felt bad for them.

Their hopes and dreams were crashing... mine were taking flight.

Their phones sat silent, I'd just bought a machine to count my money.

It rattled me.

I realized on the way home that evening, that if it weren't me... it would have been someone else. Maybe a big chain...

...Paul's only sin was that he was clueless on marketing.

And that bothered me. A lot.

This lovely family bet the farm, sacrificed, worked hard... and the world just crapped in their face.

I made a vow that night... I would catalog, organize, and make available, everything I learned about making big, reliable money in the restaurant business.

The-Black-Book-CoverMy initial fulfillment on that promise was the 400-page Black Book Marketing Course.

It included ads, up-selling phrases, crazy-effective coupon tricks, mailers, flyers... EVERYTHING that propelled my sales past $1,600,000 a year (starting from $12,000 a month).

It became the notorious go-to guide for aggressive marketers (and sold out on every continent except Antarctica at $597 a copy).

It made a big splash...


...I traveled the world speaking, teaching and consulting. (My marketing seminars at Pizza Expo pulled crowds so big it practically emptied the exhibit hall).

Some people experienced amazing success...

...but I kept hearing... "Kamron, I love this marketing stuff, but I just don't have the time to get it all done."

And so, Repeat Returns was born as a done-for-you sales-building solution.

That way, busy owners can run their business and not worry about getting more customers in the door every day.

I've never forgotten Paul and his family...

...what if he'd had the Black Book, used Repeat Returns, or just had ready access to a proven road-map to success?

Would it have made a difference? Who knows.

My hope is that you'll find something helpful, that makes a difference for you and your family.

And because I don't believe cost should be a barrier to education - everything in the resource area is free.

Be well,

Kamron Karington

Founder | Repeat Returns