SMART Marketing Overview

Batch-and-blast marketing was designed for an audience that no longer exists. Today's consumer grew up with Amazon, Google, and Facebook. They expect a personal experience.

Anything interruptive, impersonal or annoying... click... you're gone.

That's why more and more business owners are switching to SMART Marketing.

But, what exactly is it? And, is it right for you? 

Here's how SMART Marketing solves 5 common business challenges, instantly.



1. Getting New Customers To Return 

Problem: 5 out of 7 new visitors will not return to your business without some type of follow-up. Ouch.

Solution: Repeat Returns SMART Path nurtures new customers with carefully crafted messages to get them back quickly, and turn more of them into loyal regulars.

SMART Path also educates new customers with stories about you and your business so they feel connected to real people. 



2. Increasing Your Average Ticket: 

Problem: You already have more big-spenders than you think. But because batch-and-blast marketing indiscriminately discounts everyone, your heavy-hitters are spending less.

FACT: Your best customers are the biggest users of unnecessary discounts.

Solution: Repeat Returns SMART Offers improve profits by reducing or eliminating discounts for customers who don't need them.  



3. Turning Casual Customers Into High-profit Regulars

Problem: All customers, including your good, steady regulars... have different buying cycles. Once a week, once a month, Tuesday, or maybe Friday. Ordinary marketing is blind to this and just blasts everyone on the same day.

Solution: Repeat Returns SMART Delivery drives more visits because it adapts to each customer's natural buying rhythm. You're now top-of-mind at the right time, all the time.  



4. Reactivating Lost Customers 

Problem: Most businesses lose 18% of their customers every year for various reasons. Worse, most do nothing about it. As a result, marketing becomes more of a life-jacket just keeping the business afloat.

Solution: Repeat Returns SMART Retention is a game-changer. And that's no bull. We regularly see customer retention rates improve by 400% and more with SMART Retention. 

Imagine what it means to your wallet when you go from losing 18 customers per hundred, to just 5 or 6 per hundred.


5. Enjoying Your Life...

Problem: Hand-crank marketing eats up time and leaves money on the table. So you perform needless work that generates less revenue.

Solution: Repeat Returns SMART Automation nurtures each customer at the proper time to maximize lifetime value. It never takes a day off, never misses a beat.

Its mission is clear; delight your customers, and give you more personal and financial freedom.

Isn't that what owning a business is all about?


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Did you know? Repeat Returns was created by a real business owner who increased his pizzeria sales from $12,000 a month, to $149,000 a month in just three years. It's that experience, that powers the platform.