Is SMART Marketing
Right For You?

This short educational report explores five benefits of data-driven, self-learning SMART marketing.

You'll see: How SMART Marketing drives higher revenue because it nurtures each customer based on their natural behavior. 

Key benefits:

  1. SMART Offers increase your ticket average
  2. SMART Delivery increases visit frequency
  3. SMART Retention increases customer lifetime value
  4. SMART Automation eliminates work
  5. SMART Savings over ordinary marketing

You'll learn: The powerful differences between ordinary marketing and SMART marketing. And how artificial intelligence maximizes profits, while full automation eliminates work. 



1. Boosts top-line revenue

SMART Images-Spend

Everyone has a certain price they're comfortable paying for something. Many of your customers will gladly pay more. None of them will hesitate to spend less.

Ordinary Marketing: Constantly over-discounts big-spenders and conditions regular customers to wait for deals and spend less.

SMART Marketing: Maximizes wallet-share and profits by adapting offers to each customer's spending potential.

In a recent side-by-side test, SMART offers generated $1.23 more per offer redeemed.


2. Drives more foot traffic

SMART Delivery

Customers buy when the timing is right for them, not when a merchant feels like advertising.

Ordinary Marketing: Sends the same thing to everyone on say “Wednesday.” Since this is out of step with most customers' natural buying rhythm, it reduces potential visits.

That's because you missed Bob (a Tuesday buyer)… and you’re early with Sally (a weekend buyer)… out of sight, out of mind.

SMART Marketing: Accelerates growth by getting in step with each customer's natural buying rhythm. Messages are delivered during each customer's peak buying cycle. Even delivery time is optimized for best in-box placement.

This turns casual customers into high-profit repeaters because it is in harmony with their natural  patterns. 


3. Increases Customer Lifetime ValueSMART Images-retention

When you lose as many customers as you attract... your business flat-lines and becomes vulnerable to competitors.

Ordinary Marketing: Is like a bathtub with no stopper in the drain. Once-steady customers just flow away. 

SMART Marketing: Re-establishes growth because it:

  • Identifies lost customers, brings them back and starts them spending again.
  • Predicts which customers may be cheating on you with a competitor and re-engages them before they defect for good.

Nothing eliminates customer churn but SMART Retention greatly reduces it. 

FACT: Our average client sees over $32,000 a year in recaptured revenue from this alone.


4. Freedom calls


The last thing you need is more work. 

Our platform studies your customer data, creates a high-profit outcome for tomorrow, and deploys the marketing to make it happen.

You never lift a finger.


5. Spend less. Make more.

In 1981 a gigabyte of memory cost $300,000. Today it's a nickel.

In 2010, "basic" data-driven marketing would set you back $15,000+ a month. 

Today, all-in-one, high performance (Amazon-like) marketing automation is yours for about $10/day.



SMART Marketing maximizes profits.
Automation eliminates work. 

Conclusion: SMART Marketing delivers higher profits because it adapts to each customer’s spending potential, buying triggers, and behavior patterns.

Find out how Repeat Returns can help you create additional recurring revenue, and grow your business.